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Meet Dr. Jessica Keesling

Jessica went to school in Moorhead, Minnesota where she served the community at a local coffee shop while getting her Bachelors degree in Biology.  
While working as a barista, she discovered her natural ability to "make people's day" with her cheerful countenance each morning.  
This was the beginning of an awakening.  She found the most joy when helping others.    
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What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • Dr. Jessica is an amazing chiropractor who gives such intentional and thorough care, and is a VERY patient teacher. Having had experience with a different chiropractic technique in the past, I wasn't sure what to expect. She made me very comfortable and was good with explaining the process, how I would feel with the adjustment, and what to expect moving forward. She caters to each patient based on their needs and that really shows. Her way of helping me heal through empowering myself and finding the best ways to care for my body with the assistance of her adjustments has made a huge impact on my overall health. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Jessica and Kindred Chiropractic if you are in the Farmington area (or even if you aren't)!!

    Holly Mork Facebook Review
  • Personalized and specific care. I have never experienced care that was so gentle and focused not only on my symptoms and how I was feeling (even though it’s about the brain and not the pain �), but also working on my goals and where I want to be as a person in health and life. I went in with a headache and even though I am going for wellness care, I left with my headache being 90% GONE!! She didn’t even adjust my head! � loved it! Totally worth the 1 hr and 10 min drive one way. I’ll be back!

    Kiah Celia Facebook Review
  • Dr. Keesling accomplished in a few weeks what I truly thought was impossible. I have had severe pain in my right ankle from an injury about 2 decades ago--and because it has been soooo long and because I have sought other practioners' help and received no relief--I had JUST about given up. I am so glad I didn't! I can not tell you the joy there is in being pain free after all this time! So, to say that I recommend her and her gentle techniques would be an understatement. Thank you Jessica for helping bring me back closer to the person I am and was meant to be!

    Lisa Zumbusch
  • Dr. Jessica is one of the most caring and professional chiropractors I have met. Her attention to detail and calm demeanor create a healing environment that will leave you feeling your best. It's about long-term health, not a "band-aid" fix.

    Ellen Weis

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