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Let’s talk about women’s health!

Women’s health is an incredibly important topic that deserves attention. From menstrual cycles to fitness and nutrition, there are so many things women need in order stay healthy! The best thing you can do for yourself as a woman (or girl) starts with your mindset - which means making time every day just FOR YOU, eating well, drinking plenty of water, and getting sleep (and maybe a chiropractic adjustment).

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and Call It a Day?

When I first started chiropractic school, I was amazed by the number of people who claimed to love chiropractic care. “It’s the best thing ever!” they’d say. “I always feel so much better after my adjustment.”

But then I learned about the adjustments. I can see how adjustments are not as gentle as people may think. After realizing that, I decided to practice a more gentle form of chiropractic.

That’s why we do gentle adjustments here at our office. We want you to feel better, not tense with an adjustment. So come on in and let us take care of you.

“Personalized and specific care. I have never experienced care that was so gentle and focused not only on my symptoms and how I was feeling (even though it’s about the brain and not the pain), but also working on my goals and where I want to be as a person in health and life. I went in with a headache and even though I am going for wellness care, I left with my headache being 90% GONE!! She didn’t even adjust my head! loved it! Totally worth the 1 hr and 10 min drive one way. I’ll be back!”

Kiah Celia
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Hi, I’m Dr. Jessica Shannon

Dr. Jessica’s life was a series of moments she had never expected. She worked as a barista, serving coffee every morning with her cheerful attitude and natural gift for customer service while in college. This is when it all clicked: Happiness came from not only yourself but also from serving others. This is when she pursued a career in helping others through chiropractic.

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