9 Tips for Sleep

We live in a stressful time right now. We need to do everything that we can to support our body. One of the ways is through quality sleep. This will help bring peace back to the body and support your immune system. Watch the video for 9 tips.

Here are the take aways from the video this week:

  1. White nose - White noise is known a background noise. It’s best to have a fan running or some rolling waves while you sleep.
  2. Temperature - Studies have shown that 60 to 67 degree temperatures support sleep. Keep your room nice and cool.
  3. Coffee intake - Coffee should not be consumed after noon. It takes 6 to 10 hours for coffee to leave your system.
  4. Alcohol intake - Avoid alcohol when you are working on quality sleep. The brain will struggle to remain in the deep levels of rest with alcohol intake.
  5. Go to bed at the same time - Our body wants a circadian rhythm even on the weekends. You’ll find it is easier to fall asleep but also easier to wake up!
  6. Note pad and pen - If you have a racing mind while trying to fall asleep this will help you. You can jot down those thoughts and the to-do list. Then allow them to leave your mind until morning.
  7. Meditation - Deep meditation is equivalent to REM sleep, or dream sleep. You’ll be able transition easily to sleep after a quality meditation session.
  8. Essential oils - There are a lot of oils that have been scientifically proven to support rest. Reach out to an essential oils rep or join the class for more information.
  9. Chiropractic - One of the first things I hear from clients after an adjustment is how well the slept. They feel like they had a deep sleep and woke up well rested.