Change This – Lose Weight

Farmington Minnesota Chiropractor - Dr. Jessica Keesling

Dr. Jessica discusses one thing you can change to improve your overall health and wellbeing which includes weight loss.

Chewing your food has been shown to have significant health benefits. Now, we are not talking just any chewing. We are talking chewing your food for 20-30 times before taking that next bite. That might seem like a lot but it changes a number of things for your health - change for the better.

First and foremost, chewing is the first step in digestion. We have enzymes in our saliva that break our food down into manageable and digestible pieces.

When you effectively chew your food the shape and size of your jaw changes. You have improved jaw structure which makes breathing easier.

Lastly, when we chew for longer periods of time, a hormone is then released to tell our body we are full. This means you eat 10-11% less when you chew slowly. Hello, weight loss.

Give it a try today!