Enneagram Personalities

Enneagram - Lakeville Minnesota Chiropractor Jessica Keesling

Learn from Dr. Jessica Keesling as we dive into the deeper meaning of Enneagram types. How do you find out what type you are? Okay, I know what type I am, now what?

There are 9 different types to the Enneagram and each one is typed based on a core wound/trauma which leads to a basic need that always needs to be met. Sometimes they are big traumas, sometimes they are small traumas, or sometimes it’s just a perceived trauma.

Once you find out your type you can learn more about yourself and move through the trauma to be the person you are meant to be. That’s where the beauty comes in. There is true strength and honor with trauma and it’s a choice to step into that personal power.

You’ll see moments of dis-integration (stress moments) show up for yourself.

Then you’ll see moments of integration (personal power shining).

When you understand more about your traits you can move towards the path of full integration. Find out your type by using the tools posted in the Kindred Community page.

Enneagram - Lakeville Minnesota Chiropractor - Jessica Keesling, DC