Food As A Fuel Source

Food As A Fuel Source

Carbs are bad…

Fats make you fat…

Meat is terrible…

It is easy to get caught up in the narratives out there. While there is some truth to those statements, there is also a lot of lies in those statements. We need all three actually! Let’s break away from the catchy sayings and get back to thinking of food as fuel for our bodies.

Carbs are building blocks for our nervous system and brain.

Proteins are needed for proper tissue and organ function.

Fats provide long length fuel and promote cell growth.

There is a way to have a healthy relationship with all three and we should see various forms of fats, proteins, and carbs with every snack and meal.

The reason we should see variety is to get back to a balance blood sugar. With a mixture of all three we have an even keel level of blood sugar in the body rather than spikes and dips. I challenge you to try to mix in all three this week. Take a good look at that chart to see how carbs, proteins, and fats can work together to give you fuel all day long.

Even though you may not have noticeable blood sugar issues, there may be some benefit to focusing on a balanced blood sugar so your body doesn’t have to overwork and overuse valuable resources to maintain the peaks and valleys. Particularly for your pancreas and liver. Those two work side by side to make sure you thrive throughout your day.

We are talking all about blood sugar regulation in our community page on Facebook. If you want to dive deeper into the conversation and really start to make changes for yourself you can join in the community here.

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Food as a fuel source