How to Meet the Neighbors

How to Meet the Neighbors

I am still doing the 75 Hard Challenge and I am still learning more about myself and finding added value.

It’s a free challenge so I am surprised how much growth I’m experiencing.

Again, I’ll reiterate the goals of each day when doing the 75 days.

Two 45 minute workouts (one is outside)

Drink a gallon of water

Follow a diet

No alcohol

Read 10 physical pages of a self-help book

Take a progress pic

What scares people is - the two 45 minute workouts. Guess what, they can be whatever you want them to be. Of course you can really push yourself and run the whole time or lift weights, do crossfit. But, the workouts can also look like weeding the lawn, going golfing, walking, or shooting bow and arrow like I did over the weekend.

I am finally finishing books that I’ve started years ago.

I am meeting neighbors, and dogs, that I haven’t met yet. I’ve lived in the neighborhood for FOUR years.

If this still seems like too much for you feel free to check out the next class in the office on September 8th.

We will be Life Mapping with local author and speaker, Annie Meehan CSP, to find just one thing you can shift. The event starts at 6:30pm in the Lakeville office here. We are limiting the event to 10 people to make sure it’s safe and that everyone gets out of it what they came for. Save your spot below.

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