I’m allergic to WHAT?!

Lakeville Minnesota Chiropractor - Jessica Keesling DC

Sometimes there’s more to an allergy. I suddenly started reacting to our newest addition to the house, Reggie, a 4 year old German shorthair pointer. Now, I had never been allergic to dogs before and he was giving me HIVES with his saliva.

I immediately started thinking about having to return him to the adoption agency and how sad my heart would be.

Thankfully, we have a naturally minded vet and she shared with me the benefits of homeopathy when it comes to allergies. (Of course, seek consult when dealing with allergies by a medical professional.)

Making my own remedy seemed like a lot of work so instead I reached out to my naturopath. She made me a remedy but then also tested my dog for food sensitivities just out of curiosity! She discovered that he too is sensitive to gluten so his body was detoxing it through his saliva.

Voila! I switched over his food to a gluten free blend and I no longer have to worry about reacting or getting hives.

Hope this inspires you and brings some light into your day. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

I’m here for you,

Dr. Jessica