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We have been in the new space for a few months now and loving it. We are now at the point of accumulating a bunch of plants in the office to make it feel more like home. With all this plant energy, Dr. Jessica came across some interesting studies. There have been multiple studies done on the effects of words and plant health.

One particular study was with Ikea:

Two plants were kept under identical controlled environments. They each received the same amount of light, nutrition and water. The main difference was, one was bullied and one was complimented through little speakers. After 30 days there were notable differences in their plant health. Read more here.

So, what we can learn from this is? If you are hoping to have a green thumb just compliment your plants! But also, we can learn that you tell yourself actually does matter. Love always wins. When you are going through your healing journey, give yourself some words of affirmation. Give yourself some time. Trust in your body and its ability to heal itself.

With years of added stress to your body sometimes the healing journey is slow but gradual. We can celebrate the little victories along the way to acknowledge the progress that is still happening. Love yourself because it always wins. Remember, your body is always working for you, not against you.

We have a few events coming up that we’d like for you to join in on. The first is coffee convos that happens on the first Sunday of every month at 8:30. Connect with like-minded individuals on goal setting and intention setting for the month ahead. Find out more info here.

Second, we have virtual pilates happening on the 10th. Our movement flow will take us through expansion and flexion of the spine, articulation, bridging and breath all while creating more ease, space and strength within the body Find out more info here!

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Shine your light.

Lakeville Minnesota Chiropractor - Love Wins - Kindred Chiropractic