MD vs Naturopath – Lakeville Chiropractor

MD vs Naturopath - Lakeville Chiropractor

I just wanted to take a moment to share my experience with both a medical doctor and a naturopath in the last week. They both have a place in our medical system and they both provide value. They both have a different way of looking at the body. One rules out major things and one supports the body along with little things.

A few weeks ago I noticed I had some lymph node swelling after trying some new deodorants. I was moving from a natural based deodorant to a more mainstream deodorant. Natural deodorant generally doesn’t block glands like mainstream deodorant does. The new deodorant I was trying was doing just that. It was blocking my glands and blocking my lymph system. That’s the purpose right? - Stop the sweating and stop the smelling.

When I blocked the glands, my body was thrown off. I wasn’t familiar with having the added chemicals and fillers in that part of my body. BUT, lymph node swelling can mean a lot of different things so I figured I would go get it looked at by my doctor just to rule out anything major.

When I got to my appointment the doctor felt along my lymph system and did some blood work. He mentioned that my lymph nodes felt fine and that if my blood work came back normal it was probably nothing. Phew, got that out of the way. I’m glad I went so my mind would stop thinking about all the “what if’s”.

I still had a major ache in the area and figured I would touch base with Melissa, the naturopath with Vibrant Wellcare. She was able to let me know that my body had created some yeast growth in my lymph system and that it was trying to push back against the new deodorant I was trying. She gave me a few supplements to support my lymph system and combat the yeast. She also mentioned to get some good runs in to allow for lymph movement.

We are lucky enough to have multiple health avenues to try when issues arise. Trust your gut, when somethings not right, it probably isn’t. Find a provider to support you and your body along your healing journey.

Shine your light,

Dr. Jessica

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MD vs Naturopath - Lakeville Chiropractor