Mouth Breathers Beware – Lakeville Chiropractor

Mouth Breathers Beware - Lakeville Chiropractor

You know of them and you see them. Heck, you may be them. Mouth breathing is something you can visually see. It is a learned trait that probably started during a moment of stress. That moment of stress most likely became a day of stress or a week of stress. Then, the body kept the habit. Use it or lose it definitely pertains here. But, why would that be? Well, being a mouth breather means you have a quick oxygen exchange and a lot of it.

Quick oxygen is great when we are going for a run, when we are lifting heavy things, or when we are in danger. But, those moments should be short-lived. Mouth breathing is not effective from a wellness standpoint because it keeps your body in a state of fight-or-flight. Thankfully, breathing is one of the only systems that is controlled by both the unconscious and conscious mind. We can control it ourselves too, we just have to be thinking about it and making an effort.

Making a Change

The first step to making a change is being aware that a change needs to happen. We’ve gotten that step taken care of now. Next, action needs to be taken. When you are at a red light, ask yourself, “how am I breathing right now?” and make a shift if you are not breathing through your nose. Gradually, breathing through your nose will become a habit. A new healthy habit.

When we breath through our nose

When we breathe through our nose, we get slow and controlled oxygen control. This allows oxygen to fill up our lungs fully. The lowest lobes of our lungs are the rest-and-digest lobes. Automatically, your body will start to function more from this state of being. Rest-and-digest mode is also where you have to be in order to HEAL.

Give it a try! Nasal breathing is the new hip thing to do!

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Mouth Breathers Lakeville Chiropractor