The Importance of Balance

The Importance of Balance

One of the best things you can do to support your body is…

???practice balance.

Can you stand on a single leg comfortably? A healthy and balanced individual should be able to stand for two minutes on a single leg. Take a moment to get up, stretch your legs, and see where you are at.

I often send practice members home with balance work and ask that they challenge their family members to a balance off. It’s always eye opening to see who needs more support.

If your balance is off or you feel you need to put both you feet on the ground right away then you can benefit from balance work as well. The people that struggle the most commonly spraining an ankle or they had concussions. Thankfully, this is something that can be worked on.

To begin, start with your dominate leg. If you are right-handed, then that is commonly your right foot as well. Pick your left foot up off the ground and see how it feels. If you need to pause and drop your left foot, thats okay. Take the time to recover. Try to do this daily and watch your balance improve. If you are really struggling, find a corner in the room and then you can catch yourself if you sway to the right or sway to the left with your hands.

If you are thriving and have no issues, take it up a notch! Take a folded towel and balance on that. The more folds, the harder it gets.

With healthy balance, comes healthy mobility and movement though all your years.

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The Importance of Balance