When You’re in Your Head

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When you’re in your head

Do you ever have those moments when you are awake at night and just worried about something? Do you have those moments when you get distracted at work because you have so much on your mind? When we get in our head, sometimes we actually need an adjustment there.

It’s a common phrase, right? One of the common phrases like “weight of the world on your shoulders”, “pain in the butt”, or like this one, “in your head”. These phrases often times indicate where an adjustment needs to happen. Your head, or in this case, skull, can actually be adjusted.

Cranial bones

You may think of your skull as one bone, when in reality it is made up of a few bones. All these bones fit together like a puzzle. These bones are all called cranial bones. Some of the common cranial bones that we adjust are the frontal bone, parietal bone, ethmoid bone, occipital bone, and the sphenoid bone.

Surprisingly, the sphenoid bone has been documented as the top of the spine in some textbooks. It looks just like a vertebrae in shape which is why we address it in the office. If you show up and are in need of a cranial adjustment, often times Dr. Jessica will ask you if you are processing through or thinking through anything.

Not so surprisingly, cranial bones have been showing up a lot in the office because the world has been heavy. We’ve been uncomfortable for a year now and it takes a toll on us and our routines. Most importantly, it takes a toll on our emotions. Take care and I’ll see you at your next adjustment.

Shine your light,

Dr. Jessica

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Lakeville Minnesota Chiropractor - Jessica Keesling